Rice Noodle Making Machine

Rice washing ----rice soaking --- grinding the rice into rice milk ----Rice milk filter pressing into rice flour
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Flow chart

Automatic Fresh Rice Noodle Production Process :

From rice to rice flour 

Rice washing ----rice soaking --- grinding the rice into rice milk ----Rice milk filter pressing into rice flour


From rice flour to fresh rice noodle  

Rice flour fermenting --- mixing the flour with water --- flour ripening --- lifting rice flour to flour feeder   --- feeding the flour to the extruder ----extruding rice pellet ----  steaming the pellet ---- lifting the pellet to flour feeder ---feeding the pellet to extruder ---extruding  noodles ---- noodle boiling  --- spraying ---- cooling ----cutting


Main devices

1),Rice processing machine

2),Rice sheet steaming machine

3),Pre dry transition

4),Rice slice anti-adhesion drying machine

5),Rice slice hanging,freezing and aging machine

6),sheet hanging transition

7),Rice slice cake shaping machine

8),Rice sheet slitting & cutting machine

9),Rice slice cake drying machine



Key Advantages of fresh noodle making machine production line

1. The whole noodle making machine production line is highly automated, easy to operate, save time and labor.
2. Noodle making machine has good production continuity, excellent product quality, high finished product rate, and low energy consumption.
3. Professional for designing the noodle making machine production line according to the customers’ requirement.


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Company overview


Wuhan G-Young Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer and export trader with 11 years experience.

Our main products are a variety of machinery and electronics,we are producing kinds of noodle making machine by ourself,our partners are producing many kinds of packing machine for food,tea leaf,animal feed,etc, milk/drinks producing machines, bread making machines, tomato paste processing machine,rice processing machine and other related food machines,wheat flour producing machine,also some types of chemicals,food additives.Moreover we provide other partner's machinery including cement producing machines,cement packing machine, steel making and treatment machines,etc.


Main products


Stick Noodle Making Machine


Fried Instant Noodle Making Machine


Bowl Instant Noodle Making Machine


Bag Instant Noodle Making Machine


Non-Fried Instant Noodle Making Machine


Manual Noodle Making Machine


Fresh Noodle Making Machine


Vermicelli Making Machine


Macaroni Pasta Making Machine


Spaghetti Making Machine


More Noodles Making Machine For Your Choice


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