Brief Introduction of Fried Instant Noodle

- Aug 28, 2019-

Brief Introduction of Fried Instant Noodle

By g young factory manufacturing noodle machines

Instant noodles are now widely eaten by people in whole world, but nearly few people know that they were first created by Japanese people named Momofuku Ando , who now can be called the father of instant noodles.

He worked hard by using flash frying noodles from process of noodle-making, steaming, seasoning and dehydrating water in heating oil and then get the instant noodles. Then on 25 Aug. 1958, such noodles were first pushed onto market, and won great success.

Thanks to his contribution to the area of instant noodles, during several decades of development, our factory master great skill from worldwide and make good noodle machines within 30 years.

Our factory can make fried or non-fried instant noodle, manual noodle, dried stick and fresh noodle machines etc, which can fulfill the market, if you want to join such business, welcome to contact us.

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