Instant noodle production line

- Aug 25, 2020-

With the process of globalization and the acceleration of the pace of life, instant noodles with its ready-to-eat, affordable characteristics, deeply welcomed by the majority of consumers at different levels. Now the market all kinds of brands of instant noodles filled the shelves of major supermarkets, from large retail supermarkets to small street shops can see its shadow.

According to the production process of instant noodles is divided into two categories, one is the fried instant noodles, that is, the noodle cake after frying treatment; the other is non-fried instant noodles, that is, the cake after hot air drying treatment.
The fried instant noodles production lines are mainly of two types: Square noodle and Round noodle, and also has a multi-functional combination of square and round noodle. Noodle weight can be adjusted from 20g to 100g, production capacity can be customized as customer's requirment.(in general it's from 40,000-300,000packages/8H). Additional configuration has automatic powder supply system, package machine, packing machine, metal weight identification machine, packing machine and other optional.

Our company focus on noodle machine manufacturing for more than 40 years and has a complete product development, manufacturing, pre-sale, after sale and quality assurance system, the fried instant noodle production line is unique in technology, novel in design, safe and stable, beautiful in appearance and high in automation.

fried instant noodle picture

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