Instant noodles development process

- Nov 15, 2018-

As early as the instant noodle invention, in ancient times, some people cooked fried noodles and served with soup as a dish. In China, there are similar pastas called "Ime noodles" or "Yifu noodles" (known as "fascinations" in Taiwan). According to legend, Yi Bingzhen of the Qing Dynasty celebrated his mother's birthday at home. Due to the large number of guests, the chef hurriedly put the cooked egg noodles into the boiling oil pot and had to pick it up and serve with the soup. The dish was passed down because the guests were full of praise after eating. In the early instant noodle packaging, there are still Yibian and Yifu noodles.

It is said that the earliest producer of instant noodles was the cook in a house in the prefecture of Yangzhou, China. He added the flour to the egg, sliced it, cut it into thin filaments, boiled it in water, and immediately put it in oil and fry it. The noodles thus treated can be softened at any time in hot water, and are very convenient to eat.

As for the non-fried instant noodles, it can be traced back to the face of the Han Xin army invented in the three years of the Western Han Dynasty (the first 205 years). When Han Xin led the 100,000 troops in Heyang on the Yellow River and prepared to attack the Wei, Wei, and Wang Leopards in the river, in order to solve the problem of marching grain, the invention invented the buckwheat flour and wheat flour, boiled into eight mature large cakes, and cut into wide strips. This kind of cake is convenient to carry around, or it can be eaten by adding water, so it can also be regarded as the earliest form of instant noodles, just as the ancient Chinese tobacco leaves were the earliest form of cigarettes.