Noodle Product Process Machinery--Seasoning Machine

- Jun 08, 2020-

Recently, Shen Zaichun, a well-known Chinese expert in noodle products machinery, pointed out: As a precision machine, the small seasoning packaging equipment should have the “four characteristics” and “five characteristics” of the precision machine.

   "Four properties" refers to safety, stability, reliability and durability. The safety is embodied in three aspects of packaging equipment:

    Physical safety means that no foreign objects such as hair and metal can appear in the packaging process; microbial safety means that no microbial contamination can occur during the packaging process, and the packaging materials should be sterilized with hydrogen peroxide, etc.; operation safety is the machine operation process Safety, to ensure the safety of operators and the environment.

    Stability means that the operation of packaging equipment must have stable performance. Reliability refers to whether the packaging effect of the packaging equipment is reliable. Durability means that the equipment should have a certain service life. "Five chemical" refers to the digitization, precision of mechanical equipment, integration of electromechanical phosgene-liquid, intelligent and green (no pollution, no noise, no vibration).

    And Mo Qiuhong from Master Kong Holdings Limited further proposed that the pasta packaging equipment should achieve the stability of pasta product quality, the stability of the pasta production process, the stability of the production speed, the convenience and practicality of operation.


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