Process flow of stick noodle production line

- Aug 25, 2020-

[Dough mixing]

The requirements of dough mixing operation are "four fixed", that is, flour, salt, flour head and other auxiliary materials should be added in proportion and quantity; The water content should be determined according to the wet gluten content of the flour, generally 25% ~ 32%, the water content of the dough should not be less than 31%; The temperature of adding water should be controlled at about 30℃. With 15 minutes of time, winter should be long, short summer. At the end of the dough, the dough is loose and small particles, can be held into a group, gently knead to loosen the recovery, and a sense of layers in the section. The effect of horizontal linear agitator and horizontal curve agitator is better. In recent years, advanced vacuum mixer has appeared abroad, but the price is high.

[Dough aging]
The dough shall be cooked, stored and divided by a disc ripening machine or dough aging conveyor, generally 10 ~ 15 minutes, as required

The temperature and moisture of the dough should not be too different from that of the dough. The production practice has proved that the second ripening of dough after compounding is more effective and has been adopted by domestic and foreign manufacturers.

[Dough rolling]
Generally, the method of compound rolling and reducing roll rolling is adopted. The technical parameters are as follows:
Multiple rolling: the thickness of the first rolling sheet is usually no less than 4 ~ 5 mm, the thickness of the composite sheet is 8 ~ 10 mm, and the thickness of the final sheet is less than 1 mm, so as to ensure the rolling times are 8 ~ 10 times, making the sheet compact and smooth.
Rolling speed: in order to ensure the quality and output of the noodles, the line speed of the final roller should be 30 ~ 35 m/min.
Rolling number and ratio: 6 ~ 7 rolling number is better, the ideal calendering ratio of each roll is 50%, 40%, 30%, 25%, 15% and 10%.

Roller diameter: a reasonable method is to reduce the diameter of the roll rolling, the roller diameter is arranged for the complex phase, is less than 240 mm, less than 240 mm, less than 300 mm; In the rolling stage, the speed is less than 240 mm, less than 180 mm, less than 150 mm, less than 120 mm, or less than 90 mm.


The strip forming is completed by the noodles cutter, the processing accuracy and installation of the cutter is often associated with the defects of the noodles such as burr, pimple, distortion, strip and width, thickness and so on. Noodles knife has integral type and combined-type, shape is square more, basic specification is divided into 1.0, 1.5, 2.0, 3.0, 6.0 millimeter 5 kinds. At present, the circular or oval blade has been developed to solve the problem of single strip. A cutting knife is arranged under the noodles knife to cut the wet noodle laterally. The rotation speed can be adjusted according to the length of each wet noodle.

stick noodle picture