Sodium content in the stick noodles

- Aug 25, 2020-

In the process of stick noodle equipment production, generally in and surface water supply stage, add an appropriate amount of salt and alkali. So the nutrition ingredient list of average stick noodle shows: the content of sodium of every 100 grams stick noodles ranges from a few milligram to 1000 milligram, some can be as high as 1200 milligram. One gram of salt contains 400 milligrams of sodium, the recommended amount for Chinese residents: less than 6 grams per person per day. When we eat 100 grams of ramen, our sodium intake is close to 1/4 to 1/2 of the recommended intake, and with some extra salt added to the noodles, we are more likely to exceed our daily intake.

Why do most noodles need salt? Because salt can enhance the elongation and viscoelasticity of the noodles, thus reducing the phenomenon of broken strips in the manufacturing process; Adding salt can also speed up the water absorption of flour, promote the ripening of the dough, making the drying conditions of the noodles in the drying process easier to control. In addition, the general requirements of stick noodles or noodles have a certain degree of hardness, need to add salt, the amount of about 1%-3% of the raw materials, some as high as 5%-6%. Under the premise of satisfying the processing technology, it is good to add as little as possible.

stick noodle picture