Ways for boiler to improve boiler thermal efficiency

- Jul 17, 2020-

There are mainly the following ways to improve the thermal efficiency of hot water boilers:

    1. Reasonably designed heating surface

    Reduce the exhaust temperature of hot water boilers at high load rates, but prevent low temperature corrosion of boilers at low load rates.

    2. Optimize the design of the combustion chamber

    Reasonable combustion chamber space, suitable for reasonable combustion chamber space, to prevent heat loss due to incomplete combustion of gas.

    3. Strictly and accurately calculate the flue resistance and chimney resistance when designing the boiler

   Design to control the excess air coefficient, improve the boiler control technology, control the boiler to operate the excess air system, and reduce the exhaust heat loss.

    4. Control the water loss rate of the hot water boiler and reduce the leakage heat loss

   Although water loss does not affect the thermal efficiency of the hot water boiler itself, it does affect the energy efficiency of the hot water heating system.

    5. Make the hot water boiler run continuously as much as possible

    To avoid the heat loss of the chemical incomplete combustion of CO produced by the hot water boiler during the ignition.

    6. Strengthen the promotion of energy-saving science popularization

   Do not buy hot water boilers without thermal insulation, and carry out thermal insulation and energy-saving transformation of in-service boilers and pipes to reduce heat loss.