160,000 Bags / Shift Noodle Manufacturing Machinery Fried Instant Noodle Making Machine

160,000 Bags / Shift Noodle Manufacturing Machinery Fried Instant Noodle Making Machine Description: Production from flour to finished products automatically once completed, the high degree of automation, simple operation, moderate yield, energy saving, small footprint, with perfect technology,...
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The production line of instant noodles, rehydration time is short, good elasticity,

smoothness and transparency, comparable with large market popular equipment.

According to the shape of instant noodles,

here are square and round instant noodle production line;

Our instant noodle machine is full automatic,

noodle cake drop into fryer noodle box automatically .

the machine can make square or cup instant noodle cake,

noodle cake weight usually from 35g to 100g ,

we have many different models of instant noodle machine,

capacity is 10000 pics , 20000 pics , 30000 pics , 40000 pics ,

60000 pics ,80000 pics , 120000 pics , 160000 pics , 200000 pics ,

230000 pics , 280000 pics per 8 hours .

Instant Noodle Production Line:

  1. The high automation can make sure that one man control several machines at the same time

  2. It is environmental and healthy

  3. High cutting efficiency and low fault rate

  4. It is practical, stable, safe and easy to operate

Product show:

Our service

we could make workshop design with electricity power,

water supply,gas power, material storage, final storage, worker’s restroom, etc.

Our engineers have responsibility to teach the workers how to operate,

clean, maintain and repair all the machines,

until the workers could well operate the processing line.

It normally costs 10-14 days for the commissioning service,

and we supply 1 year guarantee from the date of completion of commissioning service.

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