PLC Program Photoelectric Tracking Noodle Making Machine 220V/380V

instant noodle production line, the main process of the equipment using frequency control, photoelectric tracking, PLC program Control, to achieve a full range of synchronous coordination control, cut the number of knives, block weight can be reduced in the non-stop dynamic Whole, frying temperature control, and noodles using elliptical paddle two-axis two-speed technology to add more water, materials and moisture Combined with more uniform; curing machine using W-type double pot technology, the basic guarantee of the dough aging;9 pairs of cold alloy roll; noodles steamed after the use of immersion flavor technology; equipment and food contact surface are used Stainless steel and non-toxic materials, in line with food hygiene standards.
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High Efficiency Stainless Steel Wheat Non-Fried noodle processing machine

Product Description


  Roll width:  350mm                             capacity: 2.5T/8h              

Serial NO.

Product name





alkali mixing and measuring


1 unit

Power:0.75kw, volume:120L/unit,

the surface touched with the water is SS304


double- speed flour mixing machine


    1 unit

Motor power 9/11kw,200kg/batch,door opening by manual, the surface touched with flour is SS304


Disk-type feeder


    1 unit

Motor:4kw,tray size:φ1800mm×410mm the surface touched with flour is SS304


Compound- continuous rolling machine


1 unit

Roll width:350mm,motor power:5.5kw+5.5kw(frequency conversion timing),7 pairs of steel roller-cold-hard alloy, frame (two sides)is SS201,the Dia. of the roller is:φ180mm×2,φ240mm×2,φ180  mm×2,φ162mm×1


belt type cabinet


    2 units

the surface touched with flour is SS304,aluminum glass door

Specification:750*850*1400mm,six roll of noodle can be put in


Dehydration sterilization machine


     1 unit

Main driven 1.5kw(frequency conversion timing),the length of body is 16 meters,surface touching food is SS 304,

Heating power~20kw,



electrical control system


1 set

operation adopts frequency conversion timing

1 .High automation ,PLC controlled

2. High efficiency ,saving man power

3.Capacity: from 2.5-20tons per 8hours(based wheat flour consumption),can be customized

4.Made Material :main used SSL

5.Easy operation, repair and maintenance


Advantage Of Noodle Production Line:

1. Practical, energy-saving, small volume, high efficiency, easy to clean and repair, low fault rate

2. Easy to use

3. The machine is approval of the national hygienic standards, it is very safe and healthy

4. The machine can work separately or with production line

5. Customers can adjust the size to meet with different need.

Fried instant noodle machine picture

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