Effective Servo Steam Wheat Non-Fried Noodle Making Equipment

The dry noodle machine ,with the advanced technology,high degree automation,frequency conversion,PLC controlled,the weight of noodle cake can be adusted automatically while the line's running,the temperature of the frying can be auto controlled,the line running safety,and easy maintenance.The oil content of the noodle cake is low and the capacity of the line is high.The mixer with double shaft and speed,more water feed,more even for the flour and water's admixture,the feeder with type double pan to guarantee the flour's accordent aging,the roller with 9 pairs of alloy steel,and steaming noodle's flavor by soaking process.
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Product Details

Product name 
Rolling machine(main unit)
33kw(frequency conversion,speed adjust)
10 groups, alloy steel
Wall board
Roller bearing pedestal
Roller scraper
Steaming machine
We have single layer steamer and multi layer steamer. 
For multi layer steamer: 
1. Power:3KW(frequency conversion,speed adjust)
2.Steaming box temperature:95-100 Degree
3.Steaming box: SS304
4.Frame: SS430
5.Internal steam pipe: SS304
6.Gilding rail, steaming net:SS304

  • Cutting and dividing machine

1.Power: 1.5 + 0.75*2KW(adjust)
2.Arrangement: 4 divided into 8 rows
3.Knife speed: 55 cuts/min (adjustable) 
4. Cutting kniffe: Alloy
5. Frame, side door: SS430
Frying Machine 
1. Chief power, lifting power:2.2 +3KW
2.Frying time: About 95seconds
3.Pump power, oil-saving:blower power(11+2.2)KW + 3 KW
4. Spiral plate exchanger:Q235A
5.Oil storage tank:Q335A
6.Noodle mold & cover:SS430
7.Frying pot:Q235A
8.Protective board:SS430

Manufacturer modern ripple noodle machine ramen based pasta plant
Company Introduction
Manufacturer modern ripple noodle machine ramen based pasta plant

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