Italian Mould Extruding Macaroni Flour Auto Making Machine

Our company designs and manufactures more than 20 years Machinery, equipment and complete pasta production lines for the production of fresh pasta, dry and gluten free. Each line is designed according to the specific plant requirements to optimize all phases of production of fresh pasta and includes automatic mixers, extruders, sheeters, moulders, pasteurizers, dryers and coolers. The spaghetti machine line adopt potato starch,corn starch,wheat and other food additives as the main material to produce a variety of pasta in different shapes,colors,which are popular in the market,Italian pasta machine is characterized by unique technics,rational configuration and stable performance.
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Product Details

Early part
Raw Material Mixer
mixing power: 3KW mixing rev: 365turns/min mixing capacity: 40KG/time 5min/turn) 
Size: 1000*500*800mm 
the surface touched with the water is Stainless Steel
Extruder and Moulding Machine
Power: 54KW

Size: 3500*1050*1960mm
The surface touched with flour is Stainless Steel

Cooling & Cutting Machine
Power: 1.1KW

Size: 2700X630X1020mm
Main part 
Cooling Bed
Power: 0.24KW
Production Capacity:40KG/time

Continuous Short cut pasta vibrating pre-drying conveyor
Main function: to avoid macaroni sticking together. In the meanwhile, the conveyor transfers the pieces to the pre-drying tunnel.
Material: stainless steel 304, carbon steel, etc.
Drying Bed
Heating Power: 15KW
Production Capacity: 400-500KG/time
Size: 2950*1550*1000mm
End part
Continuous short cut pasta drying tunnel
 Material: stainless steel 304, carbon steel, etc.

The inner temperature:
The steam pressure:
Drying time: 2 hours
Production conveyor
Material: stainless steel 304, carbon steel, food grade rubber belt, etc.
 Main function: to convey the dried macaroni to the auto-scale and packing system.
Electrical system
1. Motors, decelerators and most spare parts are adopted the national well-known qualified products; 2. PLC control
3. Frequency converter using Delta products; 


The Automatic Process

Flour auto-supplying system --- water dosing system --- raw material insert ---flour mixing --- Paste rationing conveying --- p
asta rationing feeding --- macaroni forming --- rationing cutting --- vibrating conveying ---continuous pre-drying--- continuous
drying --- continuous cooling--- auto-scale & packing (Optional device)
Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Continuous short cut pasta pre-drying tunnel

Brand: G-young

Original: China

Adopts advanced technologies and is of high automation, safety and easy maintenance.

stainless steel 304, carbon steel, etc.

Main Features

Name: Continuous short cut pasta drying tunnel
Brand: G-young
Original: China

Adopts advanced technologies.

Material: stainless steel 304, carbon steel, etc.
The inner temperature:
The steam pressure:
Drying time: 2 hours

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