Bright Prospect In Instant Noodle Field

- May 26, 2020-

One well-known proverb cited by Churchill:Never waste a good crisis.

We Chinese's Proverb:What one lose on the swings,he gets back on roundabouts.

Under the epidemic situation, due to the reduction of home protection, the domestic consumption of catering, entertainment, and takeaway has been affected to varying degrees, but it has activated the convenience food industry.

According to a survey conducted by the First Financial Reporter, some offline instant noodles such as offline supermarkets and e-commerce channels have been sold out of stock, while instant noodle companies including Uniform have fully resumed work and started to replenish the stock.

In Zhu Danpeng's view, behind the hot sale has a promoting effect on the convenience food industry. In the past, the development of convenience food was hindered by the old perception of stale and unhealthy. Following the trend of consumption upgrade, the development of domestic convenience food products has turned to quality upgrade. At the same time that the products are selling well, it will accelerate the change of consumers' perception of convenience foods in the past and promote the return of consumer groups, which will boost the domestic convenience food industry and at the same time will have a benign stimulus for the company's performance throughout the year.