Fan Machine Multi-function Steam

- Nov 15, 2018-

Multi-functional steam type fan machine process: sweet potato - extracting starch - stirring and mixing - feeding - entering machine leakage powder - loose powder - drying on the rod (drying) - packaging - finished product storage

Multi-functional steam type fan machine features: It is suitable for making various kinds of starch and mixed starch to make noodles; the finished product is crystal clear, resistant to boiling and foaming, not paste soup, continuous strip, no adhesion. It has the advantages of clean and hygienic, flat appearance, crystal clear and translucent, delicate taste, convenient to eat, easy to store and transport. Advanced technology, reasonable equipment structure, beautiful appearance, large production output, stable product quality, easy operation, small investment, quick effect

Multi-functional steam type fan machine selection machinery: mixer, feeding machine, Sichuan powder head, professional powder head, conveyor belt and so on.