Macaroni Raw Material Composition

- Nov 15, 2018-

(1) The most critical factor determining the quality of macaroni is the raw material. The requirements for raw materials are very high. It is necessary to use a typical "Dulong Mai" (a special variety of hard wheat) with a high protein content, which is called "sand noodles", commonly used fineness. It is 250~350mm, contains about 14% protein, high content of wet gluten and strong gluten. The macaroni made of this material has a translucent pale yellow color and a good color.

In recent years, Italy and Switzerland have successfully studied the production of macaroni with ordinary flour, the main method is to dry the temperature from 55 to 60. C is raised to 70~75 °C, and dried at high temperature to improve the quality of noodles. In addition, a semi-transparent pale yellow macaroni can also be made by incorporating a portion of the coarse powder of yellow corn into ordinary flour. China generally uses special first-class flour as raw material.

(2) Excipients are mainly eggs. Switzerland adds 3 fresh eggs per kilogram of flour. Italy and China generally do not add eggs. In addition, in some special products, you can also add ketchup, vegetable powder, salt, milk and gluten.

(3) The amount of water added should be determined according to the variety of raw materials, generally 28% or more.