My Workmate Sell Out One Fresh Noodle Line

- Nov 03, 2019-

my workmate sell out one fresh noodle line

I think another good news for our company is that one kind of fresh noodle production line is exported from our Zhengzhou factory, since such is her first order, we all feel happy for her.

When she comes back, she shares a lot about the customer, the custom is from Mongolia, he wants our fresh noodle production line. It is said he wants to purchase such noodle line is because he wants to set up the noodle line and make a fresh noodle production base.

Then he can distribute the fresh noodles in his local, like the supermarket, shop, restaurant etc. We can not say such is a wonderful idea, and wish his business be successful.

In the later news, we will continue focusing on his business and providing support all the way along.