Pasta Features

- Nov 15, 2018-

The authentic pasta is very biting, that is, it is cooked half-baked, and it feels a bit hard when it is bitten. For the Chinese who are used to the spring noodles, most of them are not used to eating. The focus is on spaghetti. When you are boiled, you must first add a teaspoon of salt, which accounts for about 1% of the water. If you eat this noodle, it only has a taste on the outside, but when you bite it inside, I feel that there is no taste, and it is very unpalatable! Of course, adding salt can also make the texture of the noodles firmer and more elastic, and another step is - after the scald is hot, if you want the noodles to keep Q strength, Don't use cold water, but mix a little olive oil or cooked corn oil. At the same time, if the hot noodles are not used up, you can also mix the olive oil and let it dry slightly before taking it to refrigerate.