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When start the machine, the flour which deposit in the raw materials enter into the storage by wind power, continuous enters the tripping device of negative pressure evenly. The negative pressure tripping device are isolate the atmospheric pressure and negative pressure equipment. Both can continuous transportation raw material, but also isolation the atmospheric pressure. Then raw materials enter into the high-speed flour mixer in vacuum automatically, under the vacuum state, mist formed in the vacuum of the full mixing of water and raw materials, continuous input to the vacuum flour mixer, the vacuum flour mixer is slow mixing state. Cause the dough is more uniform and continuous transfer to the extruder.
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Product Details

New type commercial ramen wheat flour vertical extruder pasta production machinery

New type commercial ramen wheat flour vertical extruder pasta production machinery

Process flow


Dry powder mixing-----Storage and feeding-------Automatic vacuum noodle mixing------Continuous vacuum stirring----Vacuum extrusion and cutting(LONG CUT)----Automatic upper rod and automatic shear level grinding machine system------Automatic drying line-------Cooling machine and automatic discharging cutting machine-----Packing



Machine Name









Macaroni extruder unit(include the Blender mixer and Belt conveyor)

1. Feeding, main drive and rotary cutting adopt frequency conversion speed regulation, strong power, stable operation and energy saving.

2. The cold extrusion technology is adopted, and the protein in the product is not lost due to heating.

3. Schneider touch screen control, high degree of automation, easy to operate, easy to use.

4. Change the shape by changing the mold. The molds are imported from Italy.

Power:10.83kw Dimension: 2*3.1*2.1m














Pre dryer the

products ,distribute the products and avoid the products sticking together. Power: 6.5kw

Dimension: 2.1*0.75*1.3m












Belt conveyor


Conveying the products to the oven,special material and no leakage.

Dimension:3.5*1.1*3.5m Power: 0.75kw












Oven for pasta

(5 layers 5 meters)


Drying pasta with hot air circulation system. Ensure temperature is equal inside of oven. It has the advantage of the advanced and reasonable structure, saving energy, safety, high efficiency of drying and baking and the high quality.

Heating source can be gas,diesel,steam and electric

Power: 8.38kw Dimension: 6.8*5*3.2m








Cooling Conveyor


Cooling down the temperature of the macaroni to the room temperature and ready for packing.

Power: 2kw

Dimension: 5*0.93*1.3m

Our Advantage:

1. Superior quality with reasonable prices:

gyoung is ISO certified, quality assured, and priced reasonably. Machine specifications are customized to fit international markets and customer demands. All of machine parts, electronic components, and safety devices follow CE regulation.


2. Fully equipped test workplace:

In our test workplace, a wide range of flours, food additives, seasonings, fillings, are ready for on-site client testing to ensure the machine fits each client's final product requirements.


3. Our professional team:

Our specialized R&D teams are constantly developing new machines, effectively fabricating tailor-made machines, and working to improve machine quality. We can provide basic formula for produce the food etc.And help customer to produce new products according to customer’s formula.

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