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Pasta Making Machine Commercial

Machine Parts

Name: Main motor

Original: Germany

Domestic famous engines, strong driving force, low fuel consumption, high economic benefits 12F+4R sliding sleeve shift.

Name: Inverter

Original: Korea

According to the actual needs of the motor it needs to provide a power supply voltage, and thus achieve the purpose of energy, speed, and in addition, there are a lot of drive protection features such as over current, over voltage, overload protection and so on.

Name: Barrel

Original: China

Barrels, barrel liners and barrel housings are subject to high stresses operating in a potentially high wear and / or corrosive environment and these parts are pivotal to the optimization of the extrusion. Here we have taken this information into account and used it to create high wear and / or corrosive resistant products to reduce downtime and to increase the productivity of the extrudes as a whole.

Name: Vacuum pump

Original: China

Draw out the air inside of machine, keep the barrel into vacuum situation to improve the pasta quality

product pictures

the final noodles

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