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Pasta Production Line For Sale



Alkali water mixing tank

water pump:0.75kw,



Material:body,shaft,mixing device made of stainless steel 304

Water pump,pipe,valve made of stainless steel

Alkali water measuring device



single shaft flour mixing machine

75 kg one


Touching flour parts stainless steel,frame and driving parts carbon steel,mixing time is about 15 minutes


Manual discharge on

Round disk aging machine


Power:1.5kw,with speed reducer,

 Material:tray,rod made of stainless steel driving fitting,supporter made of carbon steel

Rolling machine

Material:feeder,roller protective plate,guard board on two sides made of stainless steel

roller side,supporter,driving,fitting made of carbon steel


noodle press roller:cold-hard alloy cast roller dough sheet conveying belt:edible rubber

guard board flour roller:nylon

slitter:two units,one is 1.25mm,one is 1.5mm

 3 layer steamer



Material:steaming groove,cover,spray,pipe,conveying,chain,net belt,orbit,exhaust pipe,exhaust cover,net belt washing tank made of stainless steel 304

supporter:made of stainless steel

 Cutting&dividing machine


converter speed control

Blower 0.55kw

Axial flow fan 0.25kw

Material:stainless steel,dividing plate:silica gel

Cutting speed 42 cuts/min,2 lines divide into 4 lines

Divider length 2m

Include:2 set axial flow fan,1 set fan,spry pipe

Frying machine


Frequency control

Oil circle pump 5.5kw

Gear pump 1.5kw

Air knife 2.2kw

Lifter 1.1kw

Including:heating system,temp control automatically,noodle trays and covers shape:square

oil pot up and down by manual and automatically

oil pot:carbon steel;,the cover of oil pot:stainless steel chain and orbit:carbon steel

heat exchange 40m2,carbon steel

pressure adjusting valve:one safety valva:one

circular pump:one

filter:in the cover is stainless steel

Oil tank

Size 1500L

In clide frame ladder

Made of carbon steel

Arranging machine


Material:chain,salve,sliding plate made of stainless steel

driving part made of carbon steel

Cooling machine


Power:supplied by fryer

Material:conveying net belt made of stainless steel

conveying:chain:made of carbon steel

outer guard plate made of stainless steel

Axial flow fan 0.25kw 3 sets

Electrical control cabinet

allocation:touch screen                  Wenview

PLC                               Mitsubishi

converter                       Emerson

Low voltage parts CHINT,including wires from electric Panel to noodle machines and wire bridges(not including main power wire)

conveying machine


Power:0.37kw,mechanical infinite speed control

Including :supporter,conveying plate

Material:supporter,driving fitting,machine leg made of carbon steel,conveying plate is food grade

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