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Spaghetti machine line is the high temperature short time intensified transformation process generating savings in raw materials, water and energy; very hygienic processing and easy maintenance; And this line adopt potato starch,corn starch,wheat and other food additives as the main material to produce a variety of pasta in different shapes,colors,which are popular in the market,Italian pasta machine is characterized by unique technics,rational configuration and stable performance.
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Product Details

Early part
Flour conveyor
 Power :4.8KW 
·Stainless steel
·Chinese electrical element
·computer control, touch screen
Hoister by wind,Weight: 0.15tons
Automatic flour mixing system
 ·Power : 10.2KW 
·Stainless steel 304 
·Chinese electrical element
·The vacuum degree is -0.09MPA 
Tripping device under negative pressure state
Weight: 1 tons

Vacuum extruder
 ·Power : 15KW 
·Stainless steel 304 
·Automatic control
·Water cooling machine
Vacuum extruder with water cooling, Weight: 1.3 tons
Main part
Adjust speed cutter
Material: stainless steel 304, carbon steel, etc.
Preliminary oven 
Products cutting enter into preliminary oven,preliminary oven have 5 layers, Vinrate working make products not glue and prepare for dry.
Material: stainless steel 304, carbon steel, etc.
End part

Lift products to dry line, on the top assemble  shake feeding machine
 Material: stainless steel 304, carbon steel, etc. PVC conveyor
Dry Production line
Total devide into 5 layers and two zone; humidity and temperature are automatic controlled 
Material: stainless steel 304, carbon steel, food grade rubber belt, etc.
Automatic Control
Imported electrical  appliance, Touch screen, chinese-enghlish  menus, Fault automatic awake fuction
Specification: 1000×700×1200

The Feather Of Production Line

1. Visible auto-temperature makes temperature controlling to be easier and more precise;
2. The machines are made by steel. The screw is made by alloy steel and special craft;
3. It's very popular food and many people like to eat the food because it not only tastes delicious but also it's very convenient and suitable to the step of the time;
4. Our mechanic will go to your country to teach your worker to operate the processing line until they can handle well
Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Flour conveyor

Brand: G-young

Original: China

 * Power :4.8KW
* Stainless steel
* Chinese electrical element
* computer control, touch screen
·Weight: 0.15tons

Main Features

Name: Automatic flour mixing system
Brand: G-young
Original: China

* Power : 10.2KW
* Stainless steel 304
* Chinese electrical element
* The vacuum degree is -0.09MPA
·Weight: 1 tons

Machine Parts

Name:   Automatic drying line
Brand: G-young
Original: China

* Power : 38KW
* Temperature controller import from Germany
* Carbon steel

·Weight: 10 tons

Our Service

 1.  Supply solutions according to the buyer's special demands;
2. Design the total installation of the manufacturing line;
3.  Supply consult solution for the related device;
4.  Provide the technicial assistance both at check-up and start up;
5.  Operator training;

6.  One year warrenty and longlife paid maintenance.

Pasta drying 2

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