7 Rollers Vermicelli Dry Noodle Making Machine Production Line

7 Roller Dry Noodle Making Machine is professional for dough sheet pressing, noodle forming and cutting, which also have the function of automatic hanging. This equipment can also be put into noodle production line to use, which can connect with drying line. Whole process can be finished automatically, highly effective as well as non stop continuous noodles Making process.
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Product Details

Early part
Brine mixing machine and measuring device
Power: 0.75kw    
Motor power: 1.5 KW*2 
the surface touched with the water is SS, measuring device capacity 110 L,with liquid level showing,round tank body,SS,pump 0.75kw
Double speed flour mixing machine
Motor power: 9/11kw
300kg/batch,door opening by manual, the surface touched with flour is Stainless Steel

belt type Feeder
Motor:0.75kw (frequency conversion timing)+ 1.5KW
the surface touched with flour is SS
Main part 
continuous press machine
Roller width 650mm, power 11kw+18.5kw (frequency conversion timing)
10pairs of steel roller, twin wheel device to adjust the tickness of flour sheet, the Dia. of the roller isφ
Bar feeding machine
Power2.2KW(frequency conversion timing)
the orderliness of two sides of noodle can be adjusted,length of noodle is adjustable
Auto hanging device
Main driven 1.5kw(frequency conversion timing),the length of box is 16 meters,Single row, housing is SS.
Power from bar feeding machine,carbon steel frame
              Last part
Cutting and arranging machine
Power 1.1kw
Drying machine (moving horizontally)
Drying time ~4hours,main drive power 4kw(frequency conversion adjustment) power of industry fan~0.75kw*30 units
Drying fan 5.5 kw*2unit,fan 2.2kw*2 units,5 rows of bars,length~60m,ss hanging bars 5000 pcs.
Auto cutting machine
The length of the noodle can be adjusted from 120~290mm
Power ~0.8kw

Main Features

1. The whole noodle making machine production line is highly automated, easy to operate, save time and labor.
2.  The manufacturing process is optimized.
3.  Noodle making machine has good production continuity, excellent product quality, high finished product rate, and low energy consumption.
4.  Professional for designing the noodle making machine production line according to the customers’ requirement.
Detailed Images

Machine Parts

Name: Compound Pressing

Brand: G-young

Original: China

Adopts advanced technologies and is of high automation, safety and easy maintenance.

Main Features

Name: Curing Machine
Brand: G-young
Original: China

Adopts advanced technologies to strengthen the dough and disinfect dough sheet.

Machine Parts

Name: Finished product conveyor
Brand: G-young
Original: China

Main drive 0.37 kw*2(speed adjusted by mechanism), SS304 panel

Our Service

1. New production techniques and formulas;
2. Provide 1 year complete warranty and life-time maintenance service
3. We could send engineers to clients' local places for installation, debugging, and taining.
4. The machine is approval of the national hygienic standards, it is very safe and healthy
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