Automatic Wheat Flour/corn Dry Vermicelli Making Machine

Low temperature hanging noodle production line, the device uses frequency control, photoelectric tracking, PLC program control, To achieve a full range of synchronous coordination control. And the surface of the machine using oval-shaped pulp double-axis two-speed technology to add more water, material and moisture more uniform; curing machine using W-type double pot technology; rolling machine with 7-9 pairs of cold alloy roll, Arch dry low-temperature slow drying process, cutting section using pneumatic cutting technology (or automatic hob section technology),Is the ideal domestic production of noodles equipment.
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Single shaft flour Mixer


Power 7.5kw Manually open

Capacity:75kg of Flour

Material:Parts in touch with flour  are 304 Stainless Steel

Supporter,driving part carbon


U-shaped aging machine


Power 3kw.


Material:Parts in touch with flour  304 Stainless Steel ,

Capacity 100kg,supporter and

driving part carbon steel


Continuous Rolling machine


Power 5.5kw

Roller Width:350mm. 6 set

rollers,Roller diameter:


Material: alloy steel rollers(not empty)Cover stainless steel,driving Part and supporter carbon steel



Putting-up Device


Powered is supplied by rolling machine

Automatical transmission and truncation.


Tunnel type  drying equipment(4 lines advance at the same time)



8 Pressure fans 0.75kw*8

5 exhaust fans 0.37kw*5

Chain,angle iron,U-steel and

driving part carbon steel,

Drying time need about 3h

Temperature is about 40℃


automatic cutting Machine

Power 0.75+1.1kw,

Cutting length: 180-290mm

Cover made of stainless steel


Electrically Controlled Cabinet

First control:mixer,conveyor,

Aging machine,rolling machine

Shaping machine

Second:control dryer ,cutter

Third:control temp of dryer

Noodle factory

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