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The instant rice vermicelli processed by GYOUNG2 Production Line may serve for instant soup rice vermicelli as well as stir-fried rice vermicelli.

Processing Flow Chart:

Rice→elevating by jet flow→sand separating→washing & soaking→dehydrating→grinding→filter press dehydrating→dough breaking→steaming mixing→sticks extruding→vermicelli extruding→steaming→aging→cutting→vermicelli separating→vermicelli washing→dehydrating→scaling→drying→product.




Total Power(Kw)

Production Area(M2)

Steam consumption(Kg/H)
















Main parts features

Continuous Sheet steamer: 

1. It may use nylon or Teflon belt. 

2. The thickness of sheet is controlled by stepless variable drive with inverter. 

3. It is easy to install belt, clean and maintain with the cover elevator.

Sheet Pre-Dryer: 

1. It is easy to clean without guides & chain by using Teflon mesh belt. 

2. No friction pollution as the result of no chain & no guide. 

3. Easy to separate the sheet from the Teflon mesh belt. 

4. Easy to get perfect sheet & high rate of end product.

Low Temperature Hanging Aging Machine: 

1. Shortened obviously aging time by low temperature(3℃~8℃) aging and carried out continuous production of the line. 

2. To keep the moisture of rice sheet by moisteners and to get better effect of rice sheet aging. 

3. The unique design of automatic to change the pitch of two hanging rods. It makes the rice sheet continuous aging possible.

Slitting, Cutting & Conveying Machine: 

1. Slitter & cutter made by SUS 304. 

2. Using PVC belt. 

3. Slitter with auto fog spray device.

Auto Press Shaping machine for noodle cakes : 

1. Auto press shaping machine is an original patented product of Gyoung. It makes noodle cake packed possible by auto packing machine. 

2. The press shaping machine includes blowers, heat exchange machine, press shaping mechanism etc.

Noodle Cake Dryer : 

1. There are 2 kinds of Dryer: KHD horizontal running dryer and KVD Vertical running Dryer. 

2. No pollution due to the friction between chain & guide as the KVD Dryer without guide. 

3. It can sectional control the temperature of dryer by the auto temperature control devices.

product pictures

the final vermicelli

Vermicelli Making Machine Price

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