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Low Temperature Chain Cable-style Noodles production line, the equipment of advanced technology, a high degree of automation(from rolling film to cut the main process used VVVF, electrooptical tracking
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Low Temperature Chain Cable-style Noodles production line, the equipment of advanced technology, a high degree of automation(from rolling film to cut the main process used VVVF, electrooptical tracking,PLC program control, to achieve the full synchronization of coordinated control),safe, reliable, easy maintenance, low operating cost, energy-saving hygiene. Genuine high rate, to meet production process requirements of different varieties of dried noodle; at any climatic conditions to produce high quality vermicelli; and noodle machine Biaxial blades elliptic two-speed technology by adding water to more material and moisture more evenly combined; curing machine using W-type double-pot technique; rolling machine using 7-9 on chilled alloy roller, drying slow drying process using low-temperature, unique gear wire rope, hook fixed on the ropes, the noodles to run a smooth and no oil. Section the uses of aerodynamic cross-section technology (or automatic hob cut technology); to produce uniform color and luster if fine dried noodles, cooked article behind bars road, refreshing, pure taste. Domestic produce the ideal equipment vermicelli.


Flow Chart

The vermicelli stick Noodle Production Line flow chart :

1. Alkali mixing and measuring
2. Flour mixing
3. Ripening
4. Single layer pressing(compound pressing)
5. Continuous pressing
6. Packing room
7. Pole feeding
8. Noodle feeding
9. Cutting
10. Drying
11. Noodle discharging
12. Finished product storage

13. Packing
14. Flour storage
15. Office
16. Host operating position
17. Stairwell
18. Disinfection room
19. Toilets
20. Male locker room
21. Female locker room
22. Spare Room
23. Lifter

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Features of the latest style of noodle rollers:

1, complete design of safety and health.
2, automatic adjustment of dough sheet thickness,no manual operation, automatic dough sheet feeding and tracking.
3, electrical part adopting digital control, display on touch screen.
4,three times of dough rolling, after folding, turn to 90 °with continuous rolling, to improve the gluten strength of dough sheet.
5, convenient loading and unloading of the scraper, pressure can be adjusted by random, no damage to roller.
6, the quantity of rollers can be optional combination, to meet the rolling requirement of different food.


Our services

If you need, our technicians will go to your place to help you install and adjust the machine.

Train your workers how to use and maintain the machine in daily use.

Any parts you need will be sent directly from us.


Company overview


WUHAN G-YOUNG INDUSTRY&TRADE CO., LTD is located in Wuhan, the largest city in the middle of China, and an important industrial base of China, which has long history, advantaged natural resources, convenient Transportation and has the reputation as the thoroughfare leading to nine provinces. And the production base is located in the central city of Zhengzhou which enjoys the reputation of "noodle's city". It is just because of the perfect combination with the headquarter in terms of technology, transportation and talents that created the sales' miracle of the company.

Our products are sold well throughout the 20 provinces, the city, the autonomous region in China, as Southeast Asia, West Africa, and the Middle East, the European Union, and other countries and regions. The quality of the products and services has been consistent high praised by domestic and foreign customers. We sincerely hope to cooperate with more customers, hand in hand together, and try our best to make the company become a comprehensive value-added ability and composite competitive global manufacturers and traders.


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